Welcome to Green Solar

Installer of Solar Panels & Solar Power Systems

for the Ontario FIT and microFIT programs

At Green-Solar our focus is on Grid-tied residential micro generation. We believe that each and every roof has the potential to provide the grid with its own amount of electricity through the use of solar panels. Given enough rooftop systems installed, the need for coal-fired electricity during those hot sunny days of summer can be minimized or eliminated.

Green-Solar will come to your home and evaluate your roof and assess whether it is suitable for solar panels. Once we have your roof dimensions and pitch we can start to design a system tailored to your home. We will deal with all aspects of your installation including any contract work that may be required from you Local Distribution Company as well as deal with the Ontario Power Authority to set up a Feed-in Tariff contract.

After your system has been installed and tested to ensure it is working properly, Green-Solar can provide annual, semi-annual and quarterly check-up and tune-up services. Depending on the system and the individual homeowner, you can just sit back and collect the sunshine right into your wallet.


It’s time to go green!

For a better tomorrow.

You can earn $200,000

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in renewable energy!