Get the Right FIT for Your Home

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has re-launched the Feed-In-Tariff (microFIT) Program!

The MicroFIT program is designed to encourage and reward Ontario residents and businesses for investing in renewable energy through the installation of rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Solar Systems. The generous rate paid to you will enable you to recover the cost of installing your PV Solar System and make a handsome profit over time.

Participants in the microFIT program receive:

  • A 20-year contract that pays you for ALL the solar electricity you generate
  • A fixed price of 54.9ยข/kWh generated
  • Solsmart handles all the paperwork from application, utility connection, design, installation, inspection to commissioning of the solar system.

How long does it take? 

A typical microFIT project takes 6-9 months from start to finish.  

  • The initial OPA and hydro approval takes 30-90 days
  • The Design and Permit phase takes 30-90 days
  • Installation usually takes less than one week
  • Inspection and utility meter installation takes up to 30 days
  • microFIT contract finalization takes 30 business days 

How Do I Get Paid?

You will receive contract payments from your local distribution company for the electricity produced from your solar system. Your local distribution company makes these payments on behalf of the OPA. These payments will be made to you according to the regular billing cycle.

What is Domestic Content? 

Our solar systems are fully compliant with OPA (Ontario Power Authority) domestic content requirements. Currently, MicroFIT (10kW) require 60% domestic content from Ontario suppliers and manufacturers. Solsmart achieves content levels through labour, electrical balance of system materials and Ontario made racking, inverters and modules. When you purchase a solar system from Solsmart, we deliver all required documentation and photographs to finalize the OPA microFIT or FIT contract. Domestic content requirements ensure the continued evolution of manufacturing and development in Ontario!

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